Lenten Devotional for Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mark 14: 12-21
v. 16 “So the disciples set out and went to the city, and found everything as he had told them; and they prepared the Passover meal.”

“Be Prepared.”  It’s such a good statement that the Boy Scouts use it as their motto.  I, however, occasionally find myself not prepared for things . . . that meeting I forgot about or getting things done before leaving town.  This has happened to all of us.  Sometimes you forget things; other times things happen at the last second.  Then there are those things you know are coming, that are inevitable – like Christmas shopping – and yet I still can find myself not prepared.

One thing’s for sure.  The disciples were prepared (at least for this celebration).  Jesus sent a few of them off with ample time to get the Passover meal prepared.  Not only did they have to find an upper room to use, but they had to get all of the food ready as well.  They had to get the lamb, different wines, unleavened bread, bitter herbs, and other things to make the meal complete.  By the time Jesus arrived, everything was ready to begin.

While the disciples had to prepare this meal, there were other things they would need to begin preparations for.  They would have to prepare for their mission of spreading the Gospel.  If they had understood enough, they could have prepared to see their Risen Savior in a few days.  They would then have to prepare to see him again after that, either at death or at his return from Heaven.  The big question of the day is how prepared are we?  Our lives can get so busy that we sometimes forget to feed our souls and to prepare for the inevitable.  The inevitable is that we will meet Jesus one day.  Preparation is not always easy.  We need to study and participate in prayer, but with these comes the opportunity to meet Jesus at the cross tomorrow and at the tomb on Sunday morning.

Dear Lord, help me to become better prepared in my life’s journey as I study and pray for the day I meet you.

Rhonda Banasiak

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