Lenten Devotional for Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013

Lectionary readings for today:

Morning: Ps. 27; 147:12-20

Deut. 9:23-10:5

Heb. 4:1-10

John 3:16-21

Evening: Ps. 126; 102

God loved the people of this world so much that ye gave his only Son, so

that everyone who has faith in him will have eternal life and never really

die. – John 3:16

dirty kidIt amazes me how God could send his only child, Son, to Earth to save me. He knew that his Son would be scorned, mocked, and rejected by so many; yet, God chose to allow this suffering. I stand in awe that someone would  willingly give up his life for me.  How much God loves me and everyone, yet people still reject God’s love today. He loves me in spite of my many shortcomings and complaints. It reminds me of Kitty Chappell’s writing, Love’s Response:

He stood there in his soggy, smelly diaper –

a helpless creature

reaching up to his father.

I marveled that anyone could love this

runny-nosed, candy-smeared,

tear-streaked being

enough to lift him up,

kiss him, and care for his needs.

I heard your whisper, Lord,

And I remembered how I came to you –

heartbroken and dirty

from playing in the world.

Thank you, Father,

for picking me up

and loving me

through my unloveliness.


Alice Gilreath

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