Lenten Devotional for Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lectionary readings for today:

Morning: Ps. 5; 147:1-11

Evening: Ps. 27:51

Jer. 25: 30-38

Rom. 10:14-21

John 10: 1-18

Jesus reminds us in John 10:14 that he is the good shepherd. He knows his sheep and is willing to protect his sheep. As Christians, we are not just a number to Jesus, but He knows us by name. We recognize His voice.

In some areas of Syria some shepherds still maintain the old practice of calling their sheep by name. An American, doubting that each sheep would respond to its name when called by the shepherd insisted the shepherd demonstrate.

“I wish you would call just one or two,” he said.

The shepherd called, “Carl.”


The sheep stopped eating and looked up.

“Come here,” commanded the shepherd.

The sheep came and looked up into the shepherd’s face. He called another and another, and there they all stood

looking up into the shepherd’s face.

“How can you tell them apart?” asked the American.

“Oh, there are no two alike. See, that sheep’s toes are in a little; this one is squint eyed; and that one has a black mark on its nose.” In fact, every one of those sheep had its own marking.

Perhaps that is the way the Lord distinguishes His sheep. We all have distinguishing characteristics that the Lord knows. Even if our characteristics are less than perfect, Jesus loves us and offers us His love and His protection.

Alice Gilreath

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