Delta Variant Concerns and Safety Updates

The Church Safety Task Force and Session have met to discuss extra safety precautions we may want to consider as our area sees an alarming rise of the Delta variant. We spent a lot of time carefully weighing both the safety of all in our congregation with concerns about the emotional toll of being distant again. We hope and pray that we have arrived at a plan for the time being that addresses both.

Please read through the following information carefully:

Hybrid Worship will continue.

You have the option to attend in-person, but we strongly encourage those who are high risk/more vulnerable or those who might be uncomfortable to join online. This past year and a half has confirmed for us that our church community cannot be bound by space and time, so please know you are just as much a part of our community wherever you may be. 

Please monitor your health as we covenant to keep each other safe.

You should stay home if you have anything resembling COVID symptoms or have had a possible exposure/are awaiting COVID test results.

In addition to the safety measures already in place, we will add the following:

We will have a check-in sheet to fill out when you arrive for worship.

This is so we will have contact information for those who attend each Sunday should we need to contact anyone regarding a possible exposure.


We will take a quick picture once everyone is in the sanctuary, so we know who sat where (in order to make contact tracing easier).

Masks will be required inside and outside.

You all have been amazing about wearing your masks inside – thank you in advance for extending that care to our time outside.

We encourage distancing within the sanctuary as much as possible.

The pews near the front on the right and choir loft are options too!


We will discontinue snacks after church for the moment.

We will not celebrate communion inside for the time being.

We are going to offer a weekly Wednesday night prayer service with communion via Zoom starting sometime in September. Keep an eye out for more details on that. 

Child Care is still available for children Kindergarten age and younger.

We strongly encourage masks for children age 3 & up. Staff and volunteers are masked and fully vaccinated.

Sunday school changes:

We will suspend the August class effective this Sunday. We are considering a Zoom-only option for the September class from 9-10am, so people would have time to travel to the church at 11am if they wanted. Look for more details on that in the coming weeks. 

Lectionary Bible Study will continue to meet via Zoom.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Again, thank you for your patience, your grace, and your flexibility as we weather this season and seek to keep one another and our community safe. 


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