Who We Are

We are:

Grounded in tradition

Thriving with innovation

Serving with joy

Northminster is a small, progressive, open and affirming congregation faithfully seeking to offer God’s love to others.  We are young and old, black and white, male and female, gay and straight, and everything in between – We celebrate both our uniqueness as beloved children of God and our unity in Christ. We come from a variety of traditions, and worship in a variety of ways.  Our diversity energizes our work and witness as we seek to be the body of Christ in the world today.

We are a beautifully messy group of disciples, seeking to be more like Jesus. Join us as we seek to embody and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ here in Chattanooga.

We are a community of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and find our faith best expressed through the Reformed tradition.

Here are some basics for us:

  • God is the supreme authority throughout the universe.
  • Each person is created in the image of God and is loved unconditionally.
  • Our knowledge of God and God’s dream for creation comes from the Bible, particularly what is revealed in the New Testament through the life of Jesus Christ.
  • Our salvation (justification) through Jesus is God’s generous gift of grace to us and not the result of our own accomplishments.
  • It is everyone’s job – ministers and lay people alike – to share this Good News with the whole world.

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