Advent Devotional for Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lectionary readings for today:

Psalms 33, 85, 94, and 146

Isaiah 5:18-25

I Thessalonians 5:12-28

Luke 21:29-38


bird on branch

The maker of heaven and earth, the sea and everything in them…… – Psalm 146:6


One spring morning while I was sitting on my porch, I watched a bird land on a nearby rock wall next to a small stick.  The stick was too large for the bird to use, but a smaller piece of bark must have seemed like a perfect 2×4 that she needed for a nest in progress.

She started to pull the bark from the stick.  As I watched, she tried everything….first picking at the bark, then trying to fly with the bark still attached to the stick, which didn’t work.  But she wouldn’t give up. She kept trying.  I could tell that she was frustrated, that is if birds can become frustrated.

I thought how easy it would be for me to simply pull the bark loose from the stick and help her out.  I felt sorry for her.  But she simply lifted up and flew  across the yard and over the fence…..I am sure in search of another perfect 2×4.

I was humbled thinking how easily she could fly.  As I watched the animals in my backyard, I marveled at how squirrels could effortlessly run up a tree or a family of chipmunks could easily dig underground tunnels.  All of God’s creatures have different abilities to use in daily life.

God has given us abilities…not just to live, but to serve others.  It is up to us to use them wisely.


God, our Creator, remind us that we are just one of your many creatures. Guide us in using our abilities to help others.   Amen.

-Neal Martin

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