“Is This Any Way to Run a Resurrection?”

Lectionary Readings for today:

Isaiah 25:6-9

Mark 16:1-8


[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/northminsterpc/Sermon_04-05-2015.mp3]


Is this any way to run a resurrection? Is this enough to persuade, to stir new life in the followers of Jesus? First, let it be said that none of the Gospels provides an unambiguous, totally convincing account. Matthew says the disciples worshiped Jesus but some doubted; Luke says that in their joy they were disbelieving; and John says one of the Twelve refused to believe until he touched and felt. Faith is not coerced, even on Easter. In the New Testament, faith is response to divine revelation, and Mark provides that from the mouth of the young man in the tomb.

Fred Craddock

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