our vision

We are called as a community of faith
to become God’s vibrant creation
amid the desert we have made of
God’s good world.

Here, in this place, the presence, the promise
and the power of God’s amazing love
compels us to live joyfully,
allows us to question, doubt,
explore and discover,
renews us to serve God’s world,
and propels us forth
to share all that nourishes our souls
with all those we encounter
after the manner of Jesus of  Nazareth.

As people of faith,
we accept the challenge and responsibility
to become more like Jesus in our daily lives.

As a community,
we covenant  together to uphold
one another in this endeavor.

We offer our energies and ourselves to God,
that through the transforming power of the Spirit working in us,
this vision shall become a reality.